DLC Advantages

  • Maximum hardness

  • Minimum thickness

  • Biocompatible

  • Minimum friction

  • Low temperature deposition

  • Excellent anti-adherence effect

Greater resistance to wear and corrosion

DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) MIDA coating offers an excellent protection on moulds and components subject to strong sliding wear. Moreover the homogeneous and strongly-adhering coating is characterized by excellent chemical resistance and is unattackable by acid or alkaline solutions and by organic agents. Surface hardness due to the coating preserves the mould from the wear caused by polymers charged by fibers of every kind, protects glossy mirror-like or satin-finished surfaces safeguarding the mould from corrosion.

Better quality of products

The protection supplied by our DLC coating prolongs the equipment’s life and during the moulding phase reduces the cyclic time improving production. The moulding process is enhanced by it because the plastic mass slides more easily, avoiding distortions or clinging to unwanted parts. The black (anthracite) DLC coating in no way alters the superficial roughness of the substrate. The increase of deposition occurs through the PACVD (Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition) coating process enabling us to limit the temperature of the substrate during deposition avoiding deformations or changes in the structures of the alloys.

Advantages of DLC MIDA treatment

  • High hardness and low friction coefficient
  • Augmented resistance to abrasive and sliding wear
  • Possibility to coat objects with a high-grade of wear on couplings with narrow tolerances
  • Coating not containing heavy metals
  • Biocompatible and neuter coating fit for food
  • Excellent anti-adherence effect
  • Excellent chemical resistance (coating unattackable by acid or alkaline solutions)
  • Excellent adhesion on nitrided or chromed surfaces