Flash Chrome

Coating Properties Value
Hardness 1.100-1.200 HV
Composition Metal Chromium (zerovalent)
Chrystal Structure Body-Centered Cubic
Magnetic Properties Amagnetic
Friction Coefficient (Chromium on steel) 0,17
Deposition Temperature 70 °C

MIDA FLASH Hard Chrome treatment, usually of 2-3 µm, amplifies the life span of tools, prevents seizing, limiting the necessity of continuous checks. Thanks to the excellent deposit precision and to the absolute adherence, no previous metal removal is required nor a subsequent working (Rectification).

Greater resistance to wear and corrosion

MIDA FLASH Hard Chrome hardens sliding surfaces and gives the metals a good resistance to wear and to scratches, and also a modest protection against corrosion and oxidation. The treatment can be applied also to surfaces in contact with two or more different metal materials of different nobility exposed to corrosive environments or to humid and aggressive atmospheres. The plating stops and restrains corrosion through galvanic contact.

Better quality of products

The brightness of the film of MIDA chromium makes superfluous the mechanical dressing (buffing) and eliminates the most dreaded danger: the rounding of edges. Moreover the plating makes the surfaces inoxidisable, enabling a better storage of tools and appliances. The treatment is performed at a low temperature, and does not cause deformations and structure changes in the alloys.

Moulds recovery

The treatment is performed also on precision tools under-dimensioned of a few micrometres. The technical precision deposit brings to tolerance tools and appliances that should otherwise be discarded.