Hard Chromium Plating

Coating Properties Value
Hardness 65 – 70 HRC
Composition Metal Chromium (zerovalent)
Chrystal Structure Body-Centered Cubic
Magnetic Properties Amagnetic
Friction Coefficient (Chromium on steel) 0,17
Deposition Temperature 70 °C

Longer working life

Thick-layered chrome plating MIDA process finds its typical field of application on mechanical parts subject to strong sliding or rotating wear. The plating gives to the metal substrate a substantial hardness, a low wear coefficient, and powerful protection against corrosion and oxidation. Chrome deposits prolong working life from 6 to 20 times for mechanical parts and allows both newly manufactured rejected pieces and old worn-out ones to be recovered.

Lower production costs

The excellent physical-mechanical properties of MIDA plating enable pistons, cylinders, segments, to disperse heat more rapidly and to be better lubricated, so increasing work speed.

Better surface quality

With MIDA ultra rapid chrome plating treatment the time necessary to deposit a set layer of chrome is reduced to 1/10. It is possible to resize cylindrical parts ensuring an excellent parallelism, so that in many cases no further grinding is necessary. MIDA chrome deposits are extremely resistant to wear and tear, and with a minimum hardness of 1000HV are exceptionally tough.