TECHNO MIDA is a Coating Center specialized in Anti-Oxidation
Anti-Friction coatings on Mechanical Parts and Molds

We perform Thin Film Coatings PACVD / DLC – SiOx and Galvanici of Hard Chrome

Thanks to its experience gained and consolidated TECHNO MIDA is capable to provide, with its processing and high quality solutions, a wide range of alternative surface treatments tailored to clients’ needs and specific requirements. Through its collaboration with research centers, TECHNO MIDA is responsible for carrying out studies and preliminary development of innovative processes and coatings. Its commitment to developing, applying and supplying the best technology available enables TECHNO MIDA to number among its clients some of the biggest Italian industrial groups and multinationals.

Its operational headquarters at Cornegliano Laudense (Lodi)

Techno Mida S.r.l.
Via Codognino, 26-26854 Cornegliano Laudense (LO) – Italy
Phone +39 0371 69381-69209 · Fax +39 0371 69463