Silicon Oxide

Silicon Oxide: Water-Repellent Coating

Very high protection against oxidation and corrosion

Possible uses on multiple materials

  • Increased surface hardness

  • High thermal stability (500° C)

  • Very high resistance to oxidation

  • Possible deposition on multiple materials

  • Suitable for contact with foodstuffs

  • Low deposition temperature


Suitable for contact with foodstuffs (REG.EU 1935/2004 & FDA FOOD CONTACT)

Silicon Oxide coating is a colorless thin film a few micrometers thick which makes it possible to protect a variety of materials from resistance, corrosion and oxidation. The coating gives the treated parts good surface hardness and excellent resistance to atmospheric, chemical and organic agents. The treatment also makes the surfaces treated water repellent while leaving unchanged the chemical and physical characteristics of the details, even when subjected to humid and aggressive atmospheres.

Properties Value
Hardness 700-900 HV
Texture Does not alters the initial surface
Color Transparent
Corrosion Resistance 900 hour in salt spray
Coating Thickness 0,5 ÷ 5 μm

Coatable Materials

Steels, Light Alloys, Aluminum, Titanium, Chrome, Ceramic Materials and Organic Polymers.