Beverage & Packaging

  • Food processing machinery

  • High-speed packaging machines

  • Beverage filling machines

  • Packing / tinning machinery

  • Mechanical components in contact with food

Mida DLC coating can be applied to food and beverage processing machinery with excellent results.

The increasing pressure of competition incessantly demands innovative solutions for the production of mechanical components for food processing machinery.

DLC MIDA coating improves accomplishments and operational reliability of high-performance machines while at the same time reducing process costs. Moreover DLC MIDA coating enables us to protect the plated details avoiding environmental contamination from the outside.

DLC MIDA coating:

  • Supplies effective protection against wear from abrasion and sliding
  • Protects stainless-steel against wear due to corrosive agents like acids, cleaning products, abrasive ingredients, etc…
  • Guarantees operation without lubricants
  • Reduces the appearance of deposits and facilitates their removal

Advantages of DLC MIDA treatment

  • Augments service life and functional reliability
  • Provides an elevated standard of protection against wear and corrosione
  • Coating fit for extreme conditions and high speed
  • Strongly recommended for lubricant-free systems
  • Neutral biocompatible coating for foodstuffs

The treatment is performed at a temperature inferior to ( < 120°C). Treated materials are never liable to: Deformations – Hardness Losses – Reduction of the Resistance to Corrosion