Plastic Moulding

  • Injection moulds

  • Matrixes

  • Injection systems

  • Injectors

  • Hot chambers

  • Sliding and rotating components

DLC Mida coating is excellently applied in the field of Plastic Material Moulding because:

  • Thanks to the reduction of friction and to the ceramic effect of the coating, the moulding process is significantly improved because the plastic mass is easily removed.
  • The excellent anti-adherence effect of the coating facilitates the removal of the object avoiding distortion or inaccuracies on the treated parts.
  • The high surface hardness given by the coating preserves the mould from the wear caused by polymers ionized by different fibres, protecting the glossy mirror-like and satin surfaces, while safeguarding the mould from the corrosion derived from the gases ejected during the process of moulding.
  • Various components, parts of machines for injection moulding like ejectors, pushing devices, males, locks, lock push rods are efficiently protected by DLC MIDA coating against oxidation, wear and friction.
  • The DLC coating moreover facilitates the cleaning of the moulds avoiding the use of aggressive methods.

Advantages of MIDA treatment

  • Supplies a high level of protection against wear and corrosion
  • Coating fit for extreme conditions and high speed
  • Strongly counselled for lubricant-free systems
  • Neutral coating for food

he treatment is performed at a temperature inferior to ( < 120°C). Treated materials are never liable to: Deformations – Hardness Losses – Reduction of the Resistance to Corrosion