Precision Mechanics

  • Mechanical components

  • Mechanical engineering (casings – shafts)

  • Pumps and compressors

  • Timepieces

DLC MIDA coating with its low friction coefficient and excellent sliding properties is mainly used to reduce excessive load (friction, seizure, solid-state welding) and is fit for extreme conditions and high speed even for dry working.

Expensive basic materials can be often replaced by cheaper steels. DLC coating is used also on shafts, pump pistons moving abrasive and corrosive materials.

In the field of timepieces DLC MIDA coating enhances the basic metal giving it value, elegance, anallergic properties, resistance to scratches, wear and abrasion.

Advantages of MIDA treatmnet

  • High hardness and low friction coefficient
  • Possibility to coat objects with high wear level on couplings with narrow tolerances
  • Excellent chemical resistance (coating untouchable by alkaline or acid solutions)
  • Excellent adhesion to chromed or nitrided surfaces