“Non-stick” Silicon Oxide


Transparent coating, resistant to abrasion and scratch-proof

  • Reduction in wettability and gluing of surfaces

  • Excellent non-stick effect

  • Coating used to reduce adhesion to plastics

  • Food – EU REG. 1935/2004 & FDA FOOD CONTACT



The “non-stick” silicon oxide treatment is an economic and technically advanced coating compared with traditional fluorine-polymers. It is a permanent water repellent coating that drastically reduces wettability and gluing of the surfaces. The treatment can be applied directly to Metals, Polymers and Rubber.

In the field of moulding of plastic materials, Pharmaceutical and Food products, on moulds and mechanical components: it is used for applications in which the up-keeping of specific forms, simplifying the detachment of elements, avoiding distortions or fixing to undesired parts.
On metals the “non-stick” silicon oxide used to increase resistance to corrosion and oxidation especially in humid and aggressive environments or atmospheres.



The low superficial tension of the “non-stick” silicon oxide coating reduces the adhesion of products and fluids without ever contaminating the environment treated.

On rubber-metal coupled surfaces, the coating on both of the surfaces allows for the removal of glued pieces of the rubber on the metal.

The uniformity of the coating, its elasticity and inalterability places this treatment among the most efficient and versatile non-stick products available on the market: a valid and much more advantageous alternative to treatments with PTFE.